Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Invitation to John - Study Group

Join us at First United Methodist Church of Pasadena on Monday Nights beginning January 28th at 7:00PM.  Led by Kevin Lussier, this study group runs through April.

Each of the four Gospels has its own unique interpretation of the life, ministry and meaning of Jesus, but the Gospel of John truly stands apart. 

The last of the Gospels to be written, John, contains many stories and discourses of Jesus not found in the others.  Indeed, John posits a Christology not found expressly in any of the other Gospels:  Jesus is the enfleshed Word of God that existed before the creation of the world that was sent by God to dwell among man in order to reveal God and the way to eternal life. 

This short-term study is an in-depth examination of the often subtle and always deep meaning in this challenging and rewarding Gospel.  Participants will closely read the Gospel, learn its historical context, compare its viewpoint to that of the other three Gospels, and discuss its meaning to them, the church, and our world. 

Materials approximately $11.

Sign up for these classes after Sunday service or anytime through the Church Office, or drop in at the church on the day of the class.

Adult Ministries invite you to consider the gift of a spiritually-centered study in your life. It is in settings of close connection with others on a faith journey that we deepen our relationship with God and strengthen connections with one another as the church, the body of Christ. We encourage everyone to consider one or more of these short or long-term commitments, whether as a new visitor, or a new or long-time member.

Confidential scholarship assistance is available to assist with study material fees. See Rev. Adiel DePano or your course leader. Childcare is provided on Sunday morning and for weeknight classes when needed. Please indicate when signing up.

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